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Feldman and the Infinite
September 1.08, 2:12 am
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In 1975, Joseph Feldman, a 58-year-old lawyer in New York City, was discovered to have stolen 15,000 books from the New York Public Library. He had rented two or three apartments specifically to store these books, and it took 20 men, 7 truckloads over 3 days to remove them all.

Books covered the stove. Books filled the bathtub and sinks. There was only a small passageway leading through the apartment, not room enough to live.

But why did he do it ?

Was he obsessively hoarding ?  Making a political statement ? Making conceptual art ?  Or was he simply, as he told the judge who tried his case, reading ?  There are no accidents…

Feldman and the Infinite is a new play that speculates about Feldman’s motives, about seeking knowledge and enlightenment, and finding what appears to be randomness and chaos.

Feldman turns to his landlord, and his new acquaintance, the sculptor Christo, for guidance through the maze of his own obsession – told with humor, passion, and love for the library and its contents.

Feldman and the Infinite

a play by Erika Mijlin

featuring Jerry Perna, Jeffrey Adam Baxt, and Ted Borodaeff

Performed as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival

September 11-12-13, 2008 @ 8pm

at Artifact Pictures

Click here for directions

Click here for ticket info

or call 215.425.3721 for more information

Breaking News, September 1975…


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I saw that your show was recently in the Philly Fringe and that you might like to have future productions of it. I thought you might be interested in learning more about The Berkshire Fringe.

We are currently accepting submissions for our 2009 season which takes place during July/August 2009 in Western Mass.

Here are some details about our festival:

All artists have 5 performance during the course of one week in a beautiful state of the art theater space. Other provisions include:

-50% of Box Office Sales
-Housing on our beautiful campus (and some meals, too)
-Assistance with marketing and publicity
-Ample tech time
-Extensive support from technical and front of house staff

For application guidelines and more information, please visit http://www.berkshirefringe.org/application.htm



Comment by Sara Katzoff

[…] and I love running my fingers across the titles and sighing happily. My friend, Erika Mijlin, wrote Feldman and the Infinite, a play about a guy who stole 15,000 books from the New York public library. He had books in the […]

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